Munters Technology Training, Sept 18-20


The comprehensive three-day course covers psychrometrics, moisture load calculations,methods of moisture removal, sizing and design of dehumidification systems and/or DOAS or energy recovery systems, and also an intense review of common applications for Munters technology. The Munters Technology Training Course is designed for engineers and end-users that need fundamental education on psychrometrics and moisture calculations,or simply a better understanding of Munters technology and equipment.

Topics Include:

  • The different elements of a psychrometric chart and how they interact

  • Types of heat exchangers and the associated variables that drive performance

  • Available methods of dehumidification including cooling-based,direct expansion, chilled water, cool-reheat and desiccant

  • Munters technologies advantages and limitations

  • The sources of moisture loads and associated calculations

  • Common applications for Munters technology and how it is applied

  • How to optimize system performance

  • Controls for Munters equipment

Additionally, the Munters Service Group will conduct a half-day course on the use of flow, wiring and control diagrams for troubleshooting and balancing.

Munters instructors utilize industry recognized tools and reference materials to create an interactive learning experience tailored to address the interests of the class. Conducting the seminars at Munters manufacturing facilities provides students a “hands-on” learning environment not available anywhere else in the world.

Who Should Attend?

  • HVAC Engineers

  • Consultants

  • End-users or Owners

  • Plant or Facility Engineers

  • Building Managers

  • Maintenance Engineers

Materials Included:

  • DH Handbook, 2nd Edition

  • Moisture Load Calculation Tools

  • Laminated Psycrometric Chart

  • Course Handbook

$850 Investment

The seminar fee includes all training materials, breakfast and lunch during the
training, dinner for two evenings and three nights’ accommodations.

PDH Hours

Upon successful completion of the seminar, 20 PDH hours will be awarded.


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